3 Advertising Campaigns You Need to Be Running on Facebook

When you implement the correct advertising campaigns on Facebook, it can become your most successful market direct and the core driver of rise for your business.

With Facebook advertising, you can target people who have had each level of date with your business both on and off the stage. These are called audience temperatures and consist of Cold, Warm and Hot audiences.

The three advertising campaigns you need to run target each of these public temperatures and move parties from one place to the next.

The campaigns are 😛 TAGEND

Awareness, targeting Cold audiences Level 1 remarketing targeting Heated audiences Level 2 remarketing, targeting Hot publics

We call it the ALL Framework.

Let’s look at each one in turn.

1. Awareness Campaigns Targeting Cold Audiences

The starting point for new client possession on Facebook, Awareness campaigns imply arranging video content to your freezing target audiences.

The goal of your Awareness campaign is to build awareness for your business. In doing so, you construct recognition for your business in the Newsfeed and establish your credibility and authority.

Content Example BM Advertising Campaigns

There is no search intent on Facebook so you can’t merely location awareness-raising campaigns selling your commodities or services and expect it to generate highly profitable and consistent sales.

Your cold publics don’t know, like or rely you enough to buy your produces or services so that’s why you need to stance your content.

Facebook is a content network first and users are busy depleting material from pals, family and, of course, businesses.

By using video material( with the video ends objective) as opposed to blog poles or other content characters you can quickly and cheaply build warm publics of engaged video observers, thanks to the Video Custom Audiences feature.

These audiences become your targeting in your Elevation 1 remarketing safaruss, but more on that later.

Video Custom Audiences Advertising Campaigns

When it comes to creating video content for your business the possibilities are endless, you precisely need to get artistic. Here’s one of the most effective material videos that every business can create.

The Brand Story Ad

People affection a tale, a narrative that they can get behind that goes beyond what the hell are you sell and gets to the heart of your business- why you started it in the first place.

Every business can create a brand story; it could be a to-camera video with the founders or an living explainer for your brand.

Here’s an example from eCommerce company Kit& Kin about why the business was started and the problem they are trying to solve.

Brand Story Example Advertising Campaigns

2. Level 1 Remarketing Campaigns Targeting Warm Audiences

The second of the three advertising campaigns you should be running on Facebook is the Level 1 remarketing expedition. This is where you remarket warm publics who have watched your video content at the Awareness stage.

You could use other types of engagement usage audience such as Page engagement, nonetheless video goals are cheaper to build and have deeper engagement segmentation.

The ads within your Rank 1 remarketing safarus are like the ads you see in Google search results. These are known as direct response ads, whatever it is you arrangement a make or services offering to your warm gathering of video viewers.

You look much better ensues are comparable to merely running this type of safarus to cold gatherings because the people in your warm target audience once know who you are, they have ingested your material, and are no longer strangers to your business.

As I mentioned earlier, you use the video custom audience feature to erect different warm gatherings based on which of your videos someone has watched, as well as how much of your videos they have watched( their elevation of engagement ).

Video Custom Audience Eng Levels Advertising Campaigns

Currently, you are able to radical beings into six each level of video participation- 3 seconds, 10 seconds, 25%, 50%, 75% and 95%. The higher high levels of participation you select, the smaller your public due to drop away when watching your video content.

The direct response ad

The direct response ad drives parties to your website and renders new sales and leads-in for your business.

By positioning your product or services with some type of furnish, such as a reject or free tribulation, you reduce high levels of peril associated with buying from you for the very first time.

Direct Response advertising campaigns

3. Level 2 Remarketing safaruss targeting Hot audiences

If you have a website( which I’m sure you do !) then education campaigns is a must. I call them” easy prevail” advertising campaigns because you are targeting sizzling audiences of parties that have already seen your website.

This is the highest level of intent you can target on Facebook and as such this campaign is often the most profitable.

By having the Facebook Pixel and conversion tracking set up you can way the results of your safaruss and use the Facebook Pixel to create website custom audiences.

In the same way that video patronage gatherings that you use for your direct response ads at Level 1 groups people who have watched your video content, website patronage gatherings group people who have visited your website.

You can create highly relevant ads related to the pages of your website and demonstrate your ad to the exact people that have visited those pages.

Facebook Ads Free Trial

The Testimonial Ad

When someone calls your websites but doesn’t buy from you or enquire about your business, then accepting your pricing is optimal, the main reason is because they don’t trust you.

The excellent nature to construct that trust is to show that other people love your makes or services and have had a great know-how with your business. You do this by employing testaments to build social proof.

When creating your Stage 2 website remarketing ads, be sure to include a testimonial at the start of your ad duplicate and then close with the commodity or service offering you presented in your Level 1 remarketing campaign.

In this example, you can see a customer testament and a reminder of the furnish for the commodity. This is super relevant as it would be targeting people that have ended that produce on the website but not obtained it yet.

Testimonial advertising campaigns

Twine Things Up

With the three types of advertising campaigns outlined above, you can successfully make someone from a stranger to a patron by showing the right ads, to the right people, at the right time.

As your target audiences move through each of the advertising campaigns automatically( based on their interaction with your business either on or off Facebook) you are able to engender compatible results and turn Facebook into your most profitable market channel.

And to compile thoughts even easier and streamline your safaruss, you can manage your Facebook ads through the Agorapulse dashboard.

What kinds of Facebook expeditions do you use regularly? Cause us know in the comments below.