A fake McDonald’s account posted disturbing tweets and freaked people out

Image: AFP/Getty Images/mashable composite

No, a McDonald’s social media person hasn’t gone rogue.

A parody account pretending to be McDonald’s Hong Kong raised alarm bells over the weekend after it started posting a series of strange tweets.

Image: mashable screenshot

The account, which has now been suspended, quickly attracted attention.

Tweeting with the handle @Mc_DonaldsHK, it managed to get by passing off as the real thing at first glance.

It first started tweeting in late-2016, with fairly innocuous tweets promoting different food items.

The account was not verified but was believed by many to be an official account, because it had been tagged by McDonald’s verified account.


After its tweets blew up over the weekend, and it added thousands of new followers in days, McDonald’s was forced to look into the issue.

In a statement to Gizmodo, a McDonald’s spokesperson said it was a fake account, and that the company would be pressing Twitter to take it down as soon as possible.

“This is not a McDonald’s Twitter account but one that is impersonating a verified account,” said a spokesperson.

Presumably realising the account was in trouble, the person running it tried to backtrack, and changed its name to @NotMcDonaldsHK.

But the account got suspended all the same.


Trying to make lightning strike twice

It seems the person behind the account has refused to accept that the jig is up.

A new account under the name @McDonaldsHongK took to Twitter on Monday to tweet the exactly same thing.


Still, props to them for pulling off an impersonation even McDonald’s itself fell for. But it may not be easy to repeat the joke, when it’s yesterday’s news.

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